Prostitution and the Right to Choose

Is prostitution justified? That’s the gist of the questions IAI News asked Dalrymple in this short interview about the supposed oldest profession. I have a feeling the questioner did not like some of the answers, as TD refused to accept some of the premises behind the questions.

One thought on “Prostitution and the Right to Choose

  1. JimS

    Was this part of a larger interview? I noticed you said short interview. Were I interviewed and this is all the interviewer would want to talk about, I would find it very odd.

    In fact, I was at a party recently where an attractive woman came up to me and introduced herself in a friendly manner. When she learned I shod horses she went on all evening about how much she enjoyed riding stallions. It was quite odd and made me rather uncomfortable, even though I am a former Marine and have seen plenty of odd.

    I see why Dalrymple is not too keen on interviews.


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