The siren song of social injustice

At the Salisbury Review site….a Somali taxi driver is astonished to discover that Dalrymple has been to his native country, and Dalrymple is astonished by his gratitude:

Irrespective of the assistance he received from others, his trajectory in life could not have been easy. He was worthy of admiration, and put many a complaining native to shame. Not for him the siren song of social injustice, and the long wait for it to be righted before he did anything for himself!

One thought on “The siren song of social injustice

  1. Steve

    Western countries could easily have more immigrants with such healthy attitudes if they really wanted them. If our elites believed in our historic culture, we could use immigration to strengthen it — to increase the number of people who believe in the things we believe in. But instead they use immigration to dilute and destroy our culture. Many of our problems would be solved if we could convince our elites to embrace our own way of life.


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