Thieves are not responsible for their actions?

Dalrymple is polite even to the Indians who call him at home and attempt to defraud him. This certainly seems kind of him. But then again…

Is such politeness humanity or pusillanimity? We often think that to make excuses for others is kindness, to make excuses for ourselves dishonesty. But to make excuses for others but not for ourselves easily becomes condescension or a sense of superiority moral and even existential. We are responsible for what we do, but they are not. We act, they only react. This is the characteristic deformation of the liberal conscience.

Update: Oops, we forgot the link. Read the article here.

5 thoughts on “Thieves are not responsible for their actions?

  1. Tyler

    There’s no link to the piece. Please include and let us know. I would love to read this article.



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