NYC meetup for Dalrymple readers on Tuesday, December 1st

We’re looking forward to hosting another happy hour meetup of Dalrymple readers, anyone else who reads our site, and like-minded types on Tuesday evening, December 1st in Manhattan.

We had a great time at our first such event back in July, discussing our favorite writers, swapping stories of being under intellectual siege in Gotham, and conspiring to rid the world of shallowness, rudeness and Madonna (but I repeat myself). This time we will surely solve Europe’s terrorism problem, come up with a plan to defeat Bill de Blasio, and reimpose reasonable standards of etiquette and civilization on Western society.

If you’d like to join us, please email me at for the details.

Among other smart and friendly people, we’ll be joined by writer Robert Wargas, whose September Weekly Standard piece on libertarianism might make for some interesting discussion.

9 thoughts on “NYC meetup for Dalrymple readers on Tuesday, December 1st

  1. Neil Dunn

    Are there any such meetings elsewhere, like in Texas?
    Secondly, I am not able to download TD’s articles(or any others) from Taki’s Magazine. From your input am I the only one?

    1. Clinton Post author

      Hi, Neil. We’re happy to help organize these anywhere a critical mass of readers are, so if we can find others in Texas who’d like to meet, we’re happy to at least help local people put it together.

      Where in Texas are you? Steve and I attended college in San Antonio, and I’ve lived most of my adult life in Dallas. I’m currently in the NYC area but hoping to make it back to Dallas eventually. I go back from time to time, so I could certainly host one in SA or Dallas if we can find a few others there who would be interested.

    2. Clinton Post author

      By the way, Neil, what error are you getting when you try to read his Taki’s Magazine articles? The site doesn’t require a membership, so I can’t imagine what’s happening there.

  2. Joseph von Trotta

    I wish you all a successful and intellectually stimulating meeting. If you’ll conduct a meetup in Europe anytime in the future, I will try to be there. After you’ve solved our terrorism problem, that is.

    1. Clinton Post author

      Joseph, can you remind me where you are again? We have had quite a few inquiries from readers in England, so I’ll work on finding someone to organize one there.

    2. Lorna

      I’m an expat Brit living in South-eastern France and if there’s a meeting within reasonable travellling distance, you can count me in.

      1. Clinton Post author

        Hi, Lorna. When I post a reminder about the NYC event in a few days, I will mention you, and if there is anyone else nearby, put you all in touch with each other.

        Congratulations on living where you do. I lived in Aix-en-Provence for a year and return to the south of France every other summer or so (including visiting Dalrymple there). What an amazing place.

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