Should Opioids Be Used to Treat Chronic Pain?

At PJMedia, Dalrymple says opioids are not a real solution to chronic pain:

Chronic pain is, in most cases, not the same as acute pain: it is not merely long-drawn out acute pain. But it has been treated as if it were, and when opioids fail to work, as they usually do, doctors either presume that they are not prescribing enough of them or they prescribe stronger ones. In fact, as the author says, chronic pain is in most cases not so much a signal of physical damage as of emotional and social distress.

One thought on “Should Opioids Be Used to Treat Chronic Pain?

  1. john malpas

    I think ‘bollocks’ is the best reply. I have relatives with severe arthritis on long waiting lists who have chronic pain.
    Dont tell me that all such pain can be dealt with.
    I’m eighty years old and wouldn’t mind some opiate at times. But young whipper snappers ;like you sneer.
    I can remember when pain relief for people dieing from cancer was rationed ‘in case they became addicted’.


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