Brexit: Less There Than Meets the Eye

One thing is often overlooked in the debate over whether Britain should leave the EU: doing so might improve the country, but it won’t solve the underlying problems.

In the end Brexit is almost a distraction from the real problems of British society. Its partisans argue that the European Union is destroying our traditions, but the British people have long shown a less than robust attachment to them, anyway. There was not so much as a sigh, let alone a protest, when the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, changed the constitution on a personal whim.

The notion of the free-born Englishman has long since been of no application. The average Briton wants to be a ward of the state and regrets only that the state is not generous enough. The threats to Britain come mostly from Britain, not from the European Union.

One thought on “Brexit: Less There Than Meets the Eye

  1. Mark

    Maybe the point is that membership in a socially democratic Europe is not the best thing for a country whose people are predisposed to welfare.

    If there is an underlying problem with welfare dependency the EU might be a recipe for disaster.


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