Rag & Bone

In Theodore Dalrymple’s August New English Review essay, he recalls some childhood memories and the important life lessons taught by his mother before showing how these lessons are still applicable in the present day.

The pleasure that some people take in the gratuitous humiliation of others to make themselves appear larger in their own eyes (and that comes to be habitual) does not do so in the eyes of others, rather the reverse. All this my mother tried implicitly to impress upon me. Manners maketh man.

6 thoughts on “Rag & Bone

  1. Wil

    So good to find this site up and running again: well done to all concerned!

    I’m a big fan of the good doctor’s work – a sane voice in a crazy world. And very useful to be able to access it from one place.

    Once again: excellent!

  2. Jonathan

    I’m another longtime fan who is grateful to see this site running again.

    Thanks, David – your efforts are much appreciated.

  3. James Wills, MD

    I’m a long-time fan from the Colonies, having been introduced to Dalrymple’s work in the early ‘nineties by an expat general surgeon from Glasgow. I think the starter was an article from a column called, “When Symptoms Subside,” or something like that. “What do you think of this?” Dr. Gardner said.

    I was hooked. During my years of medical practice I read multiple of Dalrymple’s books and found them an island of sanity which I needed to visit often to help keep my keel underwater. Thank you, sir.

    OK – enough rambling. Thanks again for all you do. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Andrew S

    Off topic:

    Two new books by TD have just been published here in the UK. (Not sure whether they’re available in other countries): “False Positive: A Year of Error, Omission, and Political Correctness in the New England Journal of Medicine”, and “In Praise of Folly: A Psychiatrist on the Blindspots of Genius”. I thought readers of this blog might be interested to know about these books.


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