Springtime for Shakespeare

This new piece  by Dalrymple at Pajamas Media discusses a new book on the ongoing debate about the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays and, touching on a comment about Hitler in the book, considers the Nazis’ place on the political spectrum — a lot to chew on for such a brief piece. The latter subject stimulated some interesting comments, especially after the piece was posted on National Review’s The Corner  by Jonah Goldberg, whose book Liberal Fascism  is linked in Dalrymple’s piece — the work of some enterprising young editor, I’ll bet.

Dalrymple essentially agrees with Goldberg’s thesis, by the way:

But Nazism was not conservative; when the Nazis called their advent revolutionary, they were right. There was nothing conservative about their movement at all. But the “syllogism” above has insinuated deeply into the minds of our intelligentsia, which is why so many of them are afraid of the supposed taint of conservatism.

The piece is interesting for one other reason: it contains one of Dalrymple’s most glaringly false statements: that he (Dalrymple himself) will “never amount to anything much intellectually.” Pshaw!

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  1. Jason Bontrager

    Any chance you could post a direct link to the Goldberg piece? I’m having difficulty locating it on the TNR site.



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