A slippery slope

In the current BMJ (subscription required) , Dalrymple introduces us to the 1958 novel “The Sea and Poison” by Japanese author Shusako Endo, a story of medical experimentation on American POWs by the Japanese in World War II:

The book is all the more powerful for being quite short. Pascal once apologised for the length of his letter, saying that he had no time to write a shorter one. It is as wrong to suppose that the importance of a book is proportional to its length as to suppose that the moral deformations of which Endo writes are confined to one nation.

One thought on “A slippery slope

  1. Flossie

    Minor correction: The name is Shusaku (with a U) Endo. He’s that rare thing, a Japanese Catholic; his saint-name is Paul. And he’s a wonderful writer!


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