7 thoughts on “Metsu-Metsu

  1. Ravi

    i read some of the comments on the article and one guy wrote about the lack of proofreading by Dr Dalrymple. can someone tell me where there is grammatical mistakes or errors in syntax in this essay? this is the second time that i read someone criticising dalrymple’s writing skills

  2. mike

    Same here! I have had exactly the same experience, and I can’t bear to think of the anguish we (my wife and I) will feel when we lose our current dog, who has been a irreplaceable companion to us for nearly ten years.

    That was a great piece, one of his best.

  3. Flossie

    Here’s one: “…terrier whose jaws once locked into flesh cannot be prised apart except be decapitation.”

  4. Rielouise

    This, I grudgingly concede, is one of the most compelling essays I have read that chronicles the ‘special’ relationship between man and dog. And he even intersperses his narrative with an analysis of the way our denial of the possibility of death pervades everyday life – necessary, of course, if we are to survive.


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