Dalrymple to speak in New York on Wednesday Nov 30

This Wednesday, The New Criterion is hosting “An Evening with Anthony Daniels” at a private residence in Manhattan. Attendance is possible with the purchase of a membership in the Friends of the New Criterion, or for those in their twenties or thirties, in the Young Friends of the New Criterion. You can obtain membership details by contacting Emily Esfahani Smith at smith@newcriterion.com.
Whether you can attend or not, I encourage you to consider a membership, especially if you live in the New York area. The New Criterion hosts several Friends events throughout the year, and they provide a great chance to meet an impressive array of thinkers, writers and artists, not to mention the friendly folks at TNC itself. They occasionally host events in other cities as well.
For anyone weary of our depressing, modern popular culture (probably anyone reading this blog), these events are restorative.
We will summarize Dalrymple’s remarks in the days following the event.

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