Too young to retire, too old to keep the job

Dalrymple has a new article in the Telegraph (h/t Teddy Msigwa) that points to growing conflict between older and younger workers. Because the economic crisis has reduced older workers’ savings, they are increasingly postponing retirement and working later in life. Younger citizens, who already face a tough job market, are finding it even more difficult to land a job now because of the glut of more experienced and capable workers remaining in the market. Older workers are now facing a growing chorus of social critics calling for them to step aside and let the youth take over.
I thought we would see much more of this kind of intergenerational conflict by now. Our older generations have voted themselves a flood of benefits and entitlements for decades, and they’ve stuck youngsters with the tab. And yet the youth thus far have expressed outraged at any suggestion that the benefits be scaled back, no doubt because they cling to the hope that the shell game will continue through their own retirement. Still, I think we are going to see more of this kind of conflict.

One thought on “Too young to retire, too old to keep the job

  1. Jaxon

    Oh indeed, we will I’m sure.I surmise that as more of the younger generation try the ‘moral highground’ of resentiment, say in the form of ecological limits “look what you’ve done you bastards!”

    The older generation might at last have a motive – that is, a selfish motive, the only type the majority of people seem to care for – to adopt a counter moral highground based on the good common sense that they have hitherto treated with wilful disregard.

    But of course, and I think it is obvious what that ‘moral highground’ will consist of – it would have to be the one thing that the majority of the young are least likely to adopt – the older generation, not all, but surely most, having done so much in insure as much – and that is traditional sexual mores.

    it’s going to be hell


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