In an emergency break the TV screen

Dalrymple has often spoken out against vandalism, but seems ready to make an exception in the case of “compulsory television”:

I would suggest a law to give permission to anyone who wishes silence in a public space to smash any screen without imputation [o]f vandalism or criminal damage. Indeed, I would go further: I would oblige any person or organisation that erected such a screen to provide the public with the means – perhaps a little pick, placed nearby as fire extinguishers are placed – to smash them, to be called forced-entertainment extinguishers.

3 thoughts on “In an emergency break the TV screen

  1. Jackson K. Eskew

    Huxley’s brave new world is upon us in many ways. Screens everywhere is one example. Others:

    Men without chests; wombs without fruit; laboratory babies; ‘compassionate’ killing; all entertainment, all the time; all sex, all the time; sexualized children; plugged-in 24/7; silence intolerable; indifference to the highest things; debasement of all things glorious & elevation of all things subterranean; mass permanent adolescence; mass shamelessness; modesty dismissed as prudery; humans as technological objects, experimented upon & described as ‘wired’ etc.; everybody drugged; bovine self-branded (tattooed) herds of counterfeit individuals; roses bred without scent; unhappiness pathologized as ‘depression’; religion relativized & cheapened as mere ‘spirituality’; broken families called ‘dysfunctional,’ not sinful; countless solitaries everywhere; the myth of progress universally embraced; chronological snobbery at every turn; delusions of man as perfectible & sufficient unto himself; plastic faces; plastic souls; human life itself consumerized on the sacrificial altar of Choice and convenience; Mustapha Mond elected President….


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