Dawn of the Antiskilled

The title is apt, as it appears TD has identified in some of his countrymen characteristics not unlike those of the undead zombie:

…they not only fail to possess any qualities that make them desirable as employees, they possess qualities that make them undesirable as such. Though their condition as unemployed is far from enviable, indeed wretched both economically and psychologically, yet they are uncompromising in their refusal to change or improve themselves. Such aspirations as they have lead them to daydream rather than to ambition and, persuaded of the equality of everything by the doctrine multiculturalism, are uncritical of and unreflective about their own way of life, which is that of distraction, or attempted distraction, any interruption of which is felt as an unwarranted and even unjust intrusion upon the real business of life.

Don’t look back. Just run.

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