A Frighteningly Sincere Socialist

As a politician, Jeremy Corbyn may be refreshingly uncalculating, as evidenced by his appearance, which is clearly not the product of consultants. No, it’s his uncompromising dedication to some very troubling opinions that is the problem:

He is a stater of, rather than an arguer for, them: any contradiction of his views tends to bring forth a repetition rather than an attempt at persuasion or even explanation. As with his appearance, so with his opinions: and no one could accuse him of hiding them (I will not call them a light) under a bushel. If you dislike Hamas and Hezbollah, Mr Corbyn is not going to change his opinion or stance merely to canvass or capture your vote. He is sincere, terribly and frighteningly sincere.

Dalrymple at The Library of Law and Liberty

3 thoughts on “A Frighteningly Sincere Socialist

  1. Pedro PC

    Hamas: did Israel (or anyone) expect that after nearly 70 years of ethnic cleansing, racism, mass torture, kidnappings (or “arrests” if you like Israel), sporadic massacres, mass land-theft, random shootings, and for the past 10 years, almost yearly attacks by a first-world army against a 3rd world population with no economy and no army… the Palestinians would throw flowers back over the giant walls that Israel builds? Hamas is a reaction, and (unfortunately) the only true resistance to Israel’s 60-year long brutal and racist occupation. If you treat people like dogs for over 60 years, torture their children, steal their land, imprison their parents, destroy their homes, lie about them to the world… they will return the favour.

    Defending Hamas? If anyone can find it in their moral vacuum to support Israel’s crimes and soon blatant apartheid, then why should “supporting” Hamas be so repugnant to you?

    “If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison
    us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not

    The Palestinians are human beings. And Israel has pushed them to this.

    1. Clinton

      I cannot imagine what bizarre fictions you have been reading that lead you to these obviously false accusations. Halfway through your message, I was shocked when I realized you were describing Israel, not the Palestinians. It’s difficult even to try to reason with people who will believe such completely false characterizations – not just false, but exactly opposite of the truth.

      Israel commits none of the acts you describe. The Palestinians do.

      Israel is a democracy, the Palestinian territories are a one-party dictatorial state filled with corruption, which was riven by a recent civil war during which the supporters of one party committed mass murder against the supporters of another.

      Israel happily gives full rights to its Arab citizens. The Palestinians teach their children that Jews are the descendants of monkeys and pigs and that they should all be murdered.

      The Palestinians continually launch terrorist attacks on Israel, shooting rockets into civilian areas in a deliberate attempt to murder men, women and children. They do so from schools and day care centers so that Israel’s responses will accidentally kill Palestinian children. Israel goes to tremendous lengths to respond to these attacks without harming civilians, showing far more concern for Palestinian children than the Palestinians do.

      What you call stealing land is immigration, opposition to which is driven by nothing more than hate for a people the Palestinians openly call inferior.

      I could go on. You are supporting one of the most backward, racist societies on Earth, a culture stuck in the 6th Century which teaches its 5-year-old children that murdering someone of a different religion is heroic, in which women are not allowed to buy property or start a business, where wives are expected to get their husband’s permission before buying a cell phone, which teaches that homosexuals deserve capital punishment, in which Mein Kampf is a best seller and which openly calls the Nazis heroes even today. If you spoke of the Jews’ atrocities against the Germans in 1936, you would not be any more wrong than you are now.

  2. Skeptic

    In fact the Nazis declared in the early 30s, for external consumption, that their anti-Jewish law are merely “retaliation” for the Jewish “perfidy” of boycotting German goods after the Nazis came to power, just like the Palestinians claim today for external consumption that their killing of Jews is merely “retaliation” against “the occupation”.

    It was just a brazen lie in both cases, of course, the real reason In both cases being genocidal antisemitism, but there were naive fools or else antisemitic hypocrites who “bought” the Nazi excuse at the time, just like they buy the Palestinian one now.


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