On the Need to Think Clearly

Dalrymple responds briefly in City Journal (h/t Yakimi) to several statements made about the Paris attacks – by politicians, but also by Bono and the Guardian:

One has to pity—a little—politicians obliged to react publicly to events such as those on November 13 in Paris. They can’t pass over them in silence: but what can they say that does not sound banal, hollow, and obvious? They can only get it wrong, not right.


One thought on “On the Need to Think Clearly

  1. Tom Arrow

    I want to hereby express my deep and sincere feelings of regret and compassion for all the politicians and politicians’ families. Believe me when I say: I feel with you. These are hard times. Hard like stone. Or like a cock. And in hard times, it must stay hard. We can not let it become flobby at any price. There can only be one answer to this kind of terror and I will make sure to do my best despite all attempts to sabotage me; do my best to finally get prescriptions for Viagra for all politicians. So that they can finally stay hard during their campaigns of feigning.


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