Second Death of Christ? No, of David Bowie.

Dalrymple’s article at Taki’s Magazine on the death of David Bowie received more comments on this blog than any other post in quite some time, so I feel a little sheepish for having missed this one at Salisbury Review, in which Dalrymple holds up the fawning coverage of Bowie as yet more evidence of the decline of serious journalism.

It is not unusual for someone of my age to lament the decline in the quality of a newspaper: but the recent decline in that of The Guardian seems to me to have been unusually precipitous. The Guardian used to be a serious organ, recognised as such even by those (such as I) who disagreed strongly with, or abominated, its general stance. But of late it has turned itself into a kind of Hello! magazine for ageing bourgeois bohemians of the transgressive persuasion, with endless articles about the stars of popular culture.

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