Fly in the counsellors, reiki therapists and human rights lawyers

Mass riots accompanied England’s first match of the 2016 European Championships, held in the already crime-ridden city of Marseilles. Surely the rioters were only expressing existential displeasure at their poverty-stricken lives?

…no doubt in twenty or thirty years’ time a public inquiry, lasting several months if not years, could be mounted at public expense to the immense profit of lawyers, to prove that the fat and ugly sunburnt drunken English fans, suffering from terrible poverty and lacking in self-esteem, were provoked by the French police and were entirely free of any wrong-doing. Did not the French police have ample warning of what the English are like when they get drunk in a hot climate before a football match? Why were they not prepared for it so that instead they had to resort to untensils such as truncheons, tear gas and Alsatian dogs to quell the disturbances rather than prevented them by the mass deployment of counsellors, social workers, reiki therapists and the like?

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