Those Pesky Statistics

In last week’s Takimag column, our skeptical doctor lays out some rarely discussed American crime statistics while calling into question the sincerity of the non-looting mob—also called “protestors” by more forgiving souls.

Let us, rather, take those who demonstrated peacefully within the law; surely they were acting in bad faith while preening themselves on their own moral grandeur? They demand “justice” but pronounce guilt before it has been established by a court of law. They have over and over again proved themselves indifferent to killings by the thousands, simply because they were of no political value to them. Their indifference to facts that they must know, at least in outline, is a symptom, I would suggest, of a guilty conscience. They want at all costs to preserve their Manichaean world outlook—we good, they bad—rather than face ambiguous, disconcerting, and intractable reality. Of course, we all have this desire or tendency, but it is one that we should seek to control rather than indulge.

One thought on “Those Pesky Statistics

  1. William Vaughan

    I wonder how many of the protesters could answer the simple question “How much more likely is a
    member of the American police force to be killed than the average citizen to be killed?”


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