We can’t be surprised by the death of Baby P

Via the Times, Dalrymple weighs in on the case of Baby P, “the 17-month-old child who, like Victoria ClimbiĆ©, died a horrific death in Haringey despite being well known to child protection services there.”

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2 thoughts on “We can’t be surprised by the death of Baby P

  1. Colonel Mustafa

    Didn’t this haughty egomaniac write a column about “intellectuals” using disproportion to make their arguments (i.e., comparing Thatcher to Hitler). Now he’s comparing British healthcare to a Stalinist system. Here’s somebody who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  2. Steve

    At ease, Colonel. I see no reference to Stalinism in this piece. Are you sure you’re referring to the right article?


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