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A British Slum Doctor Tackles Poverty

The good doctor is interviewed over the phone by Andrew Heaton on his show Something’s Off with Andrew Heaton in April 2019. The discussion mainly focuses on topics raised in Theodore Dalrymple’s classic book, Life at the Bottom: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass. The interview begins around the six-minute mark and lasts almost 50 minutes.

Individual Responsibility and Social Justice — Café Filosófico Interview

Below is a Theodore Dalrymple interview with Eduardo Wolf of Café Filosófico in Brazil from September 2018 that was not previously posted on The Skeptical Doctor. There are portions of the program that are in Portuguese only, but the good doctor does speak (in English) for close to half the total time. It is a pleasure to see that the writing and ideas of Theodore Dalrymple are having some impact in the largest country in South America.

Britain’s Vanishing Culture & Character

Theodore Dalrymple’s November appearance in a half-hour interview on The New Culture Forum’s ‘So What You’re Saying is…’, hosted by Peter Whittle, is below. Thank you to our reader, David, who brought this excellent discussion to our attention. It is always refreshing to see and hear the good doctor expounding on his favorite topics at length.

Elite Medical Journals and the Criminal Underclass

The good doctor makes an appearance on the City Journal‘s 10 Block podcast to discuss his new book, False Positive: A Year of Error, Omission, and Political Correctness in the New England Journal of Medicine, with Brian Anderson, the editor of the journal. The 20-minute conversation offers some personal moments from Theodore Dalrymple as he reminisces about the quarter-century of writing for the City Journal.

Daniels’s latest book, False Positive, brings a critical eye to one of the most important general medical journals in the world: The New England Journal of Medicine. Daniels exposes errors of reasoning and omissions apparently undetected by the Journal’s editors and shows how its pages have become mind-numbingly politically correct, with highly debatable arguments allowed to pass as if self-evidently true.

Why do they kill?

What drives a person, all too often a young Muslim male, to kill innocents in their midst? And what does this mean for our efforts to combat these kinds of terror threats?

So asks Tom Switzer, the host of Between the Lines, in an interview of Dalrymple on Australia’s ABC Radio. The interview addresses Dalrymple’s recent Wall Street Journal piece on the subject.

Dalrymple says the motivating factor is partially just a stupid ideology:

Of course, evil and stupidity have always appealed to quite large numbers of people. And the mere fact that something is self-evidently stupid doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t spread or doesn’t spread… It has to be constantly attacked, because if you don’t attack it, you half accept it, and unfortunately many of our leaders are halfway to accepting it.

Listen here