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There is much to say about Theodore Dalrymple’s new essay at the New English Review. It is first of all interesting to me in its style, being part classic-Anthony-Daniels travel writing (featuring interesting personal experiences abroad and referencing countries he has visited or, in the case of Guatemala, lived in) and part political analysis with Dalrymple’s patented philosophical/psychological overtones.

The essay also discusses the recent Earth-shaking events in India, a country he has not written much about although I know he regards it as the world’s most interesting and magical place.

Most importantly, it argues against the justifications for — and misconceptions about — terrorism that William Dalrymple (no relation, of course) and others implicitly foster, in the process raising what I consider the question of the day: How much terrorism would there be without the excuses that some Westerners make for it?

Read the essay here

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    TD is right here. I live in Israel and most of the time when I read about the background of the latest suicide bomber they seem to v. often come from middle class backgrounds. I remember even reading about the background of one female suicide bomber (I think it was the last female one – can’t remember her name – had an new arty “snow white” exhibition made on her.) She actually was the daughter of a prosperous Palestinian builder who did a lot of business with Israelis. Another Palestinian suicide bomber was training to be a lawyer which is v.expensive here in Israel. I couldn’t afford it for myself. I read about the medical background of the British 6/6 terrorists but did not know that this was a common thread in so many things from Mumbai to the Congo. That was v. interesting.

  2. John

    Unfortunately we now live in a quantum world of instantaneous inter-connectedness in which everything is in one way or another inter-connected.

    It is a world awash with weapons of mass destruction and also immersed in a collective psyche full of hell deep reservoir of fear, sorrow and anger.

    Quite literally a world wide collective psychosis.

    A world governed by the immutable laws of psycho-physics or karma, both “individual” and collective: namely for every action there is always, in one way or another, and sooner or later, and equal and opposite reaction, response or manifestation.

    World-wide terrorism, war, and even possibly total war, are inevitable products of the system. Which IS getting worse day by day.

    Every atrocity and bombing, including all those done by us dreadfully sane “peace”-loving Westerners, ratchets up the collective pychosis, and hence the very real possibility of global warfare.

    Who knows when the TIPPING point will occur, because if we continue in our present patterns some kind of world-wide collective disaster WILL sooner or later happen.


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