Withdrawal from heroin is a trivial matter

The news that a British judge has awarded (rewarded?) three prisoners 11,000 pounds each for being expected to go “cold turkey” in their withdrawal from heroin has prompted Dalrymple to write again of the folly of the British attitude toward opiates, which he says “is deeply emblematic of the moral and intellectual decadence into which we have fallen”, because it encourages unhealthy and dangerous activity and promotes crime, all in the service of growing the bureaucracy.

Read the essay at the Spectator

3 thoughts on “Withdrawal from heroin is a trivial matter


    I love all of TD’s essays on all subjects except the medical ones. As a doctor on strictly medical things he just goes wrong IMO. I disagree with his idea that opiates or Heroin are not addictive. It goes against brain scan studies and common sense. If heroin is not addictive then why can’t we all have it?
    I also disagree with his ideas on vaccinations and M.E.
    Although to his credit with M.E he admitted in a later article that future research might prove him wrong – and it is already doing so.
    Still each to his own.

  2. Steve

    Well, I’m certainly not qualified to comment on the medical issues. I don’t think he says that heroin is not addictive though, only that one must take it for quite some time before becoming addicted and that withdrawal from it is not medically serious, dangerous or difficult. I guess he’s saying it’s not very addictive?

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