The Persistence of Ideology

One of the more admirable qualities of Dalrymple’s thinking is his appreciation for the complexity, indeed sometimes even the contradictoriness, of life, and his corresponding disdain for easy solutions. His new City Journal essay makes a case for the complexity of human life:

The need for a simplifying lens that can screen out the intractabilities of life, and of our own lives in particular, springs eternal…How delightful to have a key to all the miseries, both personal and societal, and to know personal happiness through the single-minded pursuit of an end for the whole of humanity!

By the way, he also writes, “The most popular and widest-ranging ideology in the West today is”….guess!

Read the essay here

One thought on “The Persistence of Ideology

  1. John

    Of course Theodore and City Journal is not bound to any ideology is he?

    Asd are none of the rest of the dreadfully sane right-thinking think tanks too?

    He(CJ) (and all right-thinking ideolgues) sees “reality true” free of any ideologically conditi/they?

    This wide-ranging essay describes the limitations, and devastating consequences of the power and control seeking ideology that Dalrymple and City Journal subscvribe to, and loudly promote.

    Plus this reference describes in bullet point detail the state of the world created by the City Journal “world”-view.

    Plus this essay desribes the origins of the perceptual strait-jacket that created the perceptual/ideological strait-jacket that City Journal promotes.


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