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    I hope one day some of these impossible to get essays without separate fees and subscriptions will be collected toghether in a book. I tend to go for the New Criterion essays myself. There’s one right back in your archive that I wouldn’t have known it existed if you hadn’t collected it. It’s called “lessons of a long distance runner”. It’s basically TD’s analysis of a famous early 60’s new wave “Juvenile delinquent” type film. It never occured to me that there could be another meaning to that film or others like it.. I still can’t decide whether to pay $3 for the article or leave it and wait for it to be published in the future somewhere. If you have any more info of Monday books or somewhere making a new book of TD’s stuff let us know.
    BTW Thanks for the last articles on Africa.

  2. Steve

    Whil that particular article isn’t availabe, most of the New Criterion articles that require a subscription are freely available on Accessmylibrary.

    Just put the title of the article in quotation marks and google them along with “accessmylibrary” and you will see that 95% of them are there.

  3. Dan Collins


    We’re about to publish (in the UK) four (and possibly more) Theodore Dalrymple books.

    The first, ‘Not With A Bang But A Whimper’, will be available in May (it contains some of the essays in the US edition of NWAB, some from ‘Our Culture, What’s Left Of It’, some from ‘Life At The Bottom’ and some new material.

    Later in the year we will publish ‘Second Opinion’, a collection of some Spectator pieces written under that title and under ‘If Symptoms Persist’.

    Next year we will publish ‘Anything Goes’ – a further collection of new material and other material previously published overseas.

    Finally, we will publish two brief satires in one volume (one of these is his serial killer work, ‘So Little Done’, and the other a novella about the British health system.


    Dan Collins


    Dan Collins
    Thank you for answering.
    I have already bought the American NWAB, “Our culture” + “Life At The Bottom” but the other books you mention sound wonderful. I’ll be looking out for them.

  5. Steve

    Exciting news, Dan. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just posted your comment as a new entry so that everyone will see it.

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