Cuba Libre?

In a new article for FrontPage Magazine, Dalrymple addresses the premises behind a statement made in the Guardian by Dr. Helen Yaffe of University College, London:

“Will he” (Dr Yaffe asks the author of the article in her reply) “accept the Cuban people’s right to be different – to develop an alternative to the western model of consumerism”…?

Of course, the Cuban people, as she puts it, have not been consulted on the question of whether they want consumerism or not… What Dr Yaffe fears, I suspect, is that if the Cuban people were given the choice, they would behave like everyone else.

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One thought on “Cuba Libre?

  1. DickTheTruth

    Would Dalrymple be one of Mandeville’s grumbling bees. Wish D would comment on Mandeville.


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