Diagnosing the nation’s ills

The Spectator has reviewed the English release (by Monday Books) of Not With A Bang But A Whimper. Dalrymple’s admirers will quibble with a couple of the comments by reviewer Marcus Berkmann (his writing has only the one theme?) but, all things considered, it’s a well-written demonstration of Dalrymple’s appeal “to anyone with a brain and a heart, of whatever political persuasion.”

Monday Books publisher Dan Collins reviews the review here.

UPDATE: Link to the review has been fixed.

2 thoughts on “Diagnosing the nation’s ills

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the mention Clinton (and Steve) – much appreciated.
    Just a quick pointer for potential customers (if I may?) – this is not just the UK version of the US book, but contains lots of other essays, both entirely new ones and others from previous TD titles.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the clarification, Dan. To our readers: we will have more details about the new book in a post forthcoming in the next few days.


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