Second Opinion now available

Monday Books has just released Second Opinion, a collection of Theodore Dalrymple’s various columns at the Spectator between the years 1997 and 2009. The handsome hardcover book is available here directly from Monday Books for £14.99 with free shipping to any address in the world. The price is especially generous when you consider the book measures out at 321 pages.

Monday Books has posted an excerpt at their website, and if you’ve never read these pieces, I encourage you to give them a look. They are simultaneously some of the funniest, most entertaining, most heartbreaking and most profound pieces I’ve read.

I have received my copy and look forward to diving in. Even as someone who has already read most of these columns, I laughed audibly throughout the excerpt. Who can resist the following exchange between Dalrymple and a patient attacked by his girlfriend’s mother:

“…did she attack you often?”

“Only when she was pissed off with me.”
Admirable restraint, really!

5 thoughts on “Second Opinion now available

  1. ONeil

    I just received Second Opinion, and am delighted not only with the content, but with the binding. My compliments to Monday Books for putting out a cloth-bound octavos gem.

  2. Nanani

    I believe one of those was mine. Halfway around the globe, I received it Wednesday. Thank you so much for the prompt service.


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