The Intelligence Squared Debates

Dalrymple has participated in two of the Intelligence Squared debates that have recently become popular in London and New York. In 2007, he debated on behalf of the “For” side of the topic “Prison Works”, and earlier this year debated the topic “Psychotherapy has done more harm than good”, also on the “For” side (and in contrast to the position of his wife and fellow psychiatrist, who believes in the benefits of psychotherapy).

These debates are quite entertaining, and Dalrymple’s humor comes through in at least the first one (I haven’t yet watched the second one). His side won the day in the prison debate but wasn’t as fortunate in the one on psychotherapy.

Watch them here

By the way, the page includes a brief bio of Dalrymple — brief, that is, compared to this!

Update: The link above is not working, but this one seems to be.

5 thoughts on “The Intelligence Squared Debates

  1. Dan

    Once again, a great job Steve and Clinton – thanks for spending the time to collate all this stuff.
    The Prison Works debate is really interesting and, as you say, Dalrymple’s sense of humour comes across well.


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