2 thoughts on “When Aid is No Way to Aid a Country

  1. Alex Ramin

    I admire Dalrymple’s eloquence and respect his judgement; this piece is particularly poignant for me having grown up as an “aid-brat.” However, it is unfortunate that it appears on such a distasteful site : Dalrymple does not belong among the wild-eyed American fanatics that publish FrontPage, nor among the crude racists who have commented on his article.

  2. Clinton

    Dalrymple is clearly more nuanced than some of the other FrontPage contributors (though I see that the fair and well-meaning Dennis Prager also writes for them) , and I find Horowitz to be a caustic polemicist who is overly dismissive and impolite toward his dissenters. But I’m not convinced that sinks the publication to the level of distastefulness and wild-eyed fanaticism. Out of curiosity, why do you think this is the case? What have they published that leads you to this conclusion? I don’t read the magazine, except for Dalrymple’s pieces, so I could be uninformed in this regard.

    As for the commenters, there is one (out of the 5) that is certainly reprehensibly racist. But a 20% rate of disgustingness is (unfortunately) not so bad in the world of Internet reader commentary, although admittedly this is to set a low bar. (Our readers, of course, maintain a 0% rate, for which we are eternally grateful, as we are always pleased with the quality of commentary this blog draws – yours included.)


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