Our Contemporary Sanctimony Puts the Victorians to Shame

In Dalrymple’s newest contribution to Pajamas Media, he compares the censoriousness of modern political correctness to that of Victorian England, noting the key difference in target, of course:

There is a wonderful passage in Martin Chuzzlewit in which Pecksniff introduces his two daughters to a third party.

“Charity and Mercy,” he says. “Not unholy names, I think?”

If he were living today, now that we have made so much progress, he would say:

“Equality and Diversity. Not unholy names, I think?

2 thoughts on “Our Contemporary Sanctimony Puts the Victorians to Shame

  1. Ringo

    “If people really care about the environment, why don’t they campaign against rock music in public places, a vastly greater threat to civilization than a mere rise in global temperature and sea levels could ever be?”



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