New Dalrymple Book: The Examined Life

Monday Books has announced that they are publishing a new Dalrymple book, “The Examined Life”, which is forthcoming on August 19th and which they describe as “a satire on the health-and-safety culture”. Go to the Monday Books site to read their hilarious-sounding description of Dalrymple’s anti-hero main character and to pre-order the book. And since they are throwing in a free copy of “So Little Done” with every order, the £7.99 price to UK buyers is a real bargain. Can’t wait to read this one!

11 thoughts on “New Dalrymple Book: The Examined Life

  1. Ravi

    I’m reading the new vichy syndrome right at the moment, and now he’s about to release another book within months?!
    truly amazing.
    PS: strong recommend everyone to read the new vichy syndrome!

  2. Clinton

    Ravi, we have trouble keeping up ourselves. His output is truly impressive when you consider the volume of pieces he writes for periodicals, while also producing several books per year recently.

  3. Mike S.

    Seeing that he’s releasing a new book (that comes with “So Little Done”) is great, but I see on the Monday Books website that he has another book scheduled to be published in August as well. Talk about Christmas in August!

  4. Steve

    Mossy, I have not yet read it, and I haven’t seen any reviews anywhere. Its official release date is not until next week, so I’m sure we will hear more about it soon.


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