Slouching Towards Vichy: An Interview with Theodore Dalrymple by Bernard Chapin

Writer Bernard Chapin has conducted another interview with Dalrymple, this time for Pajamas Media. By my count, this is the fourth such interview by Chapin, who always does a great job getting to the heart of Dalrymple’s thoughts. This interview covers many of the topics raised in Dalrymple’s new book The New Vichy Syndrome (from Roger Kimball’s Encounter Books), which as Chapin notes differs from the work of other conservative writers on the subject of Europe and immigration:

Bernard Chapin: In terms of tone, your work is downright optimistic in regards to the effects of mass European Muslim migration. This makes it a contrarian view among conservatives. Mark Steyn’s best-seller, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, paints a far grimmer picture. Is it possible that all the concerns over a coming Islamic EU are overblown?

Dr. Dalrymple: I am not downright optimistic, but more nuanced. I think the problem lies at least as much with us as with them. By our cowardice, often inadvertently, we support and encourage Islamism. There are many stories of Christmas decorations being taken down, no reference to Christmas being made in case they should offend, etc., when no demand from the Muslim population that these things should be done has actually been made. It is, if you like, an anticipatory cringe that encourages the extremists to push a little harder at what they think is a half-open door. A fine American example of the genre is Yale University Press’s recent book on the cartoon affair.
Read the full interview here

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