When Freedom Isn’t Free

It seems to me that one of the differences between classical liberals (called “conservatives” in most of the Anglosphere) and modern liberals is the definition of freedom. Classical liberals like myself still think freedom means freedom from government, while modern liberals think it means freedom from other individuals. The former view calls for a limited government, and the latter for an ever-expanding one as modern liberals discover more and more instances of private behavior that inconveniences them. As Dalrymple observes in a short piece for City Journal, they don’t even talk about the true idea of freedom in Britain any more.

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One thought on “When Freedom Isn’t Free

  1. JimmyGiro

    It’s becoming predictable, that each episode of political correctness will make the so called liberals ever more confident, and ever more careless. Like the ‘man of justice’, Robespierre, when you ride the tiger of absolute utopian law, fascism results from the inevitable tyranny of virtue.

    The good news is, like a chemical reaction depleting itself of finite reagents, fascism implodes when it runs out of victims and demons.


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