It is the inescapable duty of every decent citizen to express no interest in the World Cup

I’m not sure this is going to go over real well with my brother and fellow blogger, since he has already stated his intention to spend the entire next month watching the World Cup, but I thought it would be appropriate on the opening day of the event to post an essay Dalrymple wrote for The Social Affairs Unit four years ago, just before the last tournament. He argues that the World Cup, and football generally, is so caught up in a culture of violence and incivility as to render it insupportable by all decent folk.

Clint may not be committed to Dalrymple’s standard, but I don’t think he would necessarily disagree with him. We Americans are so removed from European football and the culture that surrounds it that we can enjoy the game without being haunted by its culture, but I can certainly understand how people who have seen what Dalrymple has seen would remain firmly committed to their principles.

The essay is here.

6 thoughts on “It is the inescapable duty of every decent citizen to express no interest in the World Cup

  1. LAG

    As I see it, the principle error in this article was the notion that soccer can be enjoyed. Sorry, not by me, and not for any cultural (or absence thereof) reasons. It’s boring.

  2. Clint

    Dear Steve-

    Sorry for not posting the BMJ essays earlier. I’ve been glued to prepping for the World Cup. Off to watch USA v. England!

  3. Paul

    Today, Airstrip One is abuzz with the sound of televised football. It is a hot Sunday afternoon and England are playing Germany.

    Over what seems like the past aeon, there has been comprehensive news coverage of the England manager, the England team, the England team’s wives and cohabitees, the England team’s wives’ and cohabitees’ escapades, the England team’s kids’ second-favourite flavour of ice-cream, etc… Accordingly, there’s a good German word for what I would feel were England to lose today.

    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!


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