Dalrymple speaks to the Property and Freedom Society

Last month Dalrymple spoke at the Property and Freedom Society’s fifth annual meeting in Bodrum, Turkey on the subject “‘Public Health’ as a Lever for Tyranny”. You may watch the speech here. The good doctor also addressed the society’s two previous annual meetings. We never posted these earlier speeches, as the audio is poor, but now seems an appropriate time to do so for anyone interested in delving into them:

3 thoughts on “Dalrymple speaks to the Property and Freedom Society

  1. Conrad

    I know of no better way to contact the owner of the Skeptical Doctor, so I shall ask here:

    Any information on “Spoilt Rotten,” Dalrymple’s newest book that only seems to be available in the UK? Thank you.

  2. Rachel

    I recently bought “Spoilt Rotton” from bookdepository UK. It’s also available on Amazon UK. I had it posted to to Israel where I live.
    It’s a heavy hardback and contains bits of some the essays found through this website but melded together in just a few chapters in the book. It’s put together in a similar way to “The Vichy Syndrome”. It’s not as good as “Life At The Bottom” and “Second Opinion”.
    My main grumble is that it has numerous footnotes like in “The Vichy Syndrome” that spoil the flow of the text. I wish they would stop that and go back to the way LATB was written.
    I’m only about a 1/4 the way through the book at the moment.

  3. Erin

    This is an excellent video on vimeo, but vimeo isn’t as widely used as you tube which is most likely the reason I hadn’t come across it before. Its very decent footage, and either it was linked into the audio system or the audio system at the hotel was extremely good, thats usually my downfall, the audio.
    Great topic, he sticks to the topic well but I haven’t read “in support of prejudice” or what ever the proper name of the book is called and feel without that it would be difficult to say if what he says here adds to that argument. I’ve ordered it and its coming along with ‘Spoilt rotten” so when I read the book it would be interesting to visit the footage again and see if the argument from Daniels stands up to proper scrutiny. Any chance of some analysis from the site on the content of the speech with some of your own insights and analysis. Or even some criticism of it from someone with a different view point?

    State tyranny isn’t confined to welfare medicine, if I wanted to point out tyranny I’d do it from many other angles rather than a medical viewpoint. Especially smoking. It makes his point but rather thinly I believe.


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