Sisyphus goes to school

The New Criterion is back from their summer hiatus, and while Dalrymple does not have an extended essay in the new edition, he does have a review of the book Bad Students, Not Bad Schools by Robert Weissberg, which he partially praises and partially criticizes.

Read it here (subscription required)

5 thoughts on “Sisyphus goes to school

  1. Ola Q. Nordmann

    Is it worth 3 bucks? I’d love to read Dalrymple’s thoughts on this subject.

    Or will his New Criterion pieces later be released in books (like his Spectator ones?)

  2. Adrian

    The New Criterion (TNC) articles must be paid for, unless you have access to a university account: most unis have TNC in their library archives. But if you have the money, TNC is well worth the price: it’s really one of the best mags around.


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