Do we all want freedom?

Dalrymple has a new piece in a Swedish journal called Axess for which he has apparently written for some time. His page there lists about 18 different articles, but only a few of them are available online, and of those only about three are available in English (the other two are here and here). Oh well, we take what we can get.

This new piece is short and touches on the decline of Europe and the loss of the kind of freedom embedded in the founding of “liberal representative democracy”, which some of us still remember as freedom from government. He echoes the great American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in one argument: that global modernization is not necessarily global Westernization.

The journal is worth perusing beyond the Dalrymple pieces, as it boasts writers like Roger Scruton, Roger Kimball, Christopher Hitchens, Alain de Botton… I think I saw Denis Dutton (of the great ALD) in there somewhere. It is edited by a Johan Lundberg, who also seems to have many interesting articles.

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