Palace of Lies

Until now, we haven’t posted much of Dalrymple’s writing for The Salisbury Review, mostly because we didn’t realize how frequently he wrote for that journal, but the good folks there have been building out their website and making more of the content available online, and now that we’ve also purchased a print subscription, we see what we’ve been missing.

The new issue contains two Dalrymple pieces (actually, one Dalrymple and one Anthony Daniels), the first of which discusses one method by which European and New Labour bureaucrats hide their true intentions: the use of the word “project”. While the word implies “a definable end point”, these bureaucrats have no intention of ending their efforts once their goals have been reached.

And what are those goals? For the EU, it is “the creation of an empire… of former politicians on the one hand, tired with and bored by (for admittedly understandable reasons) the need to seek re-election, and unwilling to play the Cincinnatus, and of their apparatchik followers and dependants on the other.” For New Labour, it was “the permanent domination and control of the country by what was in effect a nomenklatura, for its own benefit.”

Depending on where you live, you can buy an annual print subscription to The Salisbury Review for between $30 and $42, an online annual subscription for $19, or the current issue for only $3. There are no links to individual articles, but you can buy an online subscription on the website and immediately download an electronic copy of the current issue.


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