What’s Really Wrong with WikiLeaks

In a short piece for City Journal, Dalrymple argues against WikiLeaks, saying that the premise underlying the leaks is that there should be no secrecy of any kind, a view he calls “fanatically puritanical” and “childish”, and that the effect of the leaks will be to make communication more guarded and less frank, precisely the opposite of the supposed intention.

40 thoughts on “What’s Really Wrong with WikiLeaks

  1. Kurt

    I agree with Pandora. I think Dalrymple has got it totally wrong this time. I’m all for privacy, but not when it comes to government affairs. It’s true that the dissolution of privacy by governments against citizens is tyranny, but the reserve is not true — quite the opposite, in fact. WikiLeaks is doing us all a tremendous service.

  2. Jackson

    I think he’s basically right… trust, integrity; we should aspire to the highest standards imaginable, but there’s the rub, I suppose. The imagination is continually corrupted at the everyday level, how can high standards, in high places, be expected to arise from this? Too much exposure under these circumstances will be very destructive, it’s more about that Freudian projection, looking for scapegoats before getting our own house in order.

  3. young person

    it’s reasonable that he takes an antiWikileaks position…a Wikileaks consequence is the slow eradication of whatever is left of western govments credibility and raison d’etre…what would we be without our masters? we would put new ones in their place…lacan 101..

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