Is Dalrymple right about the EDL?

Dalrymple’s comments on David Cameron’s recent speech on multiculturalism included a characterization of the English Defence League as “thuggish and fascistic”. This sparked a discussion on the Gates of Vienna blog about whether Dalrymple’s view of the EDL is accurate and some speculation on why he holds that view.

Clint and I know very little about the EDL, so we can’t say whether Dalrymple is right or not. I did a little online research but not enough to form an opinion. No reasonable person could disagree with their Mission Statement, but I don’t know how well they live up to it.

So we wanted to get your opinion. What do you think? Is Dalrymple right or wrong about the EDL?

462 thoughts on “Is Dalrymple right about the EDL?

  1. Jonathan Levy

    I also noticed that one line about the EDL. Personally, I don’t know what to think about them. A few people (e.g. Gates of Vienna) think they’re the only hope for Britain; most sources treat them as fascist thugs. I have no way of judging between the two opinions.

    Before praising or condemning what Dalrymple said, I think we should first ask: Does he have a considered opinion on the EDL? If so, it would be interesting to read it; we may then debate whether it’s justified or not.

    But if he’s not given them much thought at all, and just mentioned them offhand for rhetorical effect, then there’s not much of a basis for a fruitful discussion.

    I don’t remember him mentioning the EDL much at all in his books or articles. I wonder if there’s any way to contact him, and ask if he wishes to clarify his views.

  2. Sammy Boy

    Dalrymple is right. Far from defending England, the EDL and their ilk prevent a reasonable and educated criticism of Islamism through a fear of association with thoroughly unpleasant behaviour and ideologies in the same way that St. George’s cross has hugely negative connotations from its association with football hooligans. The EDL are a rowdy, unpleasant bunch who can’t seem to visit a city without starting a miniature riot. We must remember that another big problem facing Britain is a decline in standards and civility and I have often said when seeing the EDL out and about that if this is the England they are defending they might as well not bother! I realise there might be some decent chaps in the EDL who will find what Dalrymple has said quite annoying and offensive, but even if not necessarily true, they have to remember that this IS the image the public sees and every march and riot and act of brutishness further takes from the intellectual and political cause through which this battle will truly be lost or won and which wouldn’t be worth winning without all propriety, legality and decency on behalf of its campaigners.

  3. Steve

    I don’t believe he has ever mentioned the EDL before. At least, I certainly don’t remember it. He doesn’t seem to form his opinions lightly, and he is almost always careful to say exactly what he means, so I would take that as his considered opinion.

    We could ask him, but we try not to bother him too much. Mostly, we just wanted to get the opinions of others.

  4. Steve

    Interesting comments, Sammy Boy. I watched a few videos of their protests on YouTube and was troubled by the aggression and (a little) violence. There were counter-protesters as well, and it was impossible for me to determine who was really instigating the fights I saw. But I try to imagine the more civil and dignified British gentlemen of old acting in such a manner, even if provoked, and I can’t see it.

    I think you are exactly right that we opponents of multiculturalism and defenders of traditional Western culture need to be peaceful and civil (and inclusive), lest we confirm the worst fears of those we might otherwise rally to our cause.

  5. Steve

    Great points, Sammy Boy. I watched a few videos of their protests on YouTube and was troubled by the aggression and (a little) violence. There were counter-protesters as well, and it was impossible for me to determine who was really instigating the fights I saw. But I try to imagine the more civil and dignified British gentlemen of old acting in such a manner, even if provoked, and I can’t see it.

    I think you are exactly right that we opponents of multiculturalism and defenders of traditional Western culture need to be peaceful and civil (and inclusive), primarily because it is right, but also lest we confirm the worst fears of those we might otherwise rally to our cause.

  6. Scooby

    Of course no reasonable person could disagree with their mission statement — they have drawn it up precisely so as to deceive people into believing they are respectable and moderate. In fact they are drawn from the ranks of the lumpen scum who inhabit the prisons Dalrymple is all too familiar with. Their leader goes under pseudonym almost certainly to hide that the fact that he has an extensive criminal record. It’s a great shame that there appears to be some overlap in the American supporters of Dalrymple and bigoted nutcases like Pamela Geller.

  7. Clinton

    It seems you didn’t read Steve’s comment closely enough, nor his subsequent statements. We do not support the EDL (whatever this would mean for someone who doesn’t even reside in their country). We are outsiders trying the best we can to discover the truth about them.

    Now, I believe we have, and so I do not support them. My initial impression was that they were probably being unfairly criticized by the press due to their opposition to multiculturalism and Islamist extremism, and that Dalrymple was simply mistaken about them. Having heard so much denigration and false characterization in the American press of perfectly peaceful and respectable people here in the US (such as the tea partiers), I am wary of quickly accepting others’ judgements on these matters. Now I know better. After reading your comment I have discovered one Stephen Yaxley-Lennon via Google, and that settles the issue in my mind. So thank you for informing me.

  8. Jay C

    I’m no supporter of their leaders but my research points to him having two assault convictions, which arose from the same incident and he served concurrent terms of imprisonment. This does not amount to an “extensive” criminal record.

  9. Scooby

    The majority of the population rubs along very nicely without any assault convictions to their name. And long term readers of Dalrymple will be aware that, in his opinion at least, the number times a criminal has been convicted is often far fewer than the number of crimes they have committed and got away with.

    I’m not suggesting that the maintainers of this excellent site support the EDL, but I do wonder at their professed ignorance of and gentle open-mindedness towards the EDL. The British newspapers have extensively covered over the last few years the street rioting that their inflammatory “protests” have provoked and exposed their links with neo-fascists and football hooligans. And those websites and no more mouse clicks away than American newspapers. Apart from anything else, “and what should they know of America who only America know?”

    Regardless, keep up the good work.

  10. David Donald

    Dr Dalrymple does not seem to be aware of the political cultural meaning of Islam and its sad effects on non muslim populations.The detached ignorance of middle class intellectuals is destroying us

  11. David Donald

    Dr Dalrymple seems unaware of the political cultural destructiveness of Islam and its effects on non Muslims populations ,andthis despite his sophistication.He risks becoming a subject of his own jeremiads.

  12. Gavin

    First of all I would say that I disagree with the author of this article on the Gates of Vienna, where he says:

    “Mr. Dalrymple, like Mark Steyn, is a professional doom-sayer. Both men make their living announcing the imminence of Götterdämmerung. As such, they are committed to the “brand”, and anything which alleviates the apocalyptic gloom is automatically rejected.”

    This is insulting, I think, to Dalrymple’s intellectual integrity as it suggests he will not tell truths if they do not fit in with some foregone conclusion, and do not think this is evidenced by his writing. I believe the author has not read enough Dalrymple (he mentions having read only two of his books) because in The New Vichy Syndrome, for example, TD demonstrated a decidedly positive outlook on Muslim assimilation. Where Dalrymple does paint a black picture, this is because the picture is black, and it is the duty of a great writer to tell things as they are (I have first hand experience of this picture having lived in inner city London for 20 years).

    Regarding the EDL, I also have first hand experience of them as I found myself in the middle of one of their protests in Mayfair (where I was visiting) not long ago. Whereas some are no doubt simply concerned citizens (and the EDL itself is the product of appalling left wing policies), the 20 or 30 members I encountered were clearly thugs. In fact they were some of the most feral looking thugs I have ever seen (and I have seen a few). TD probably painted the EDL with too broad a brush, I think, but that element is certainly in there.

    I think the best way of getting rid of the EDL would be for the government to put into place policies terminating the failed ideology of multiculturalism, to stop granting special privileges to minority groups and to restore traditional British values, and to be seen to be doing this, soon.

  13. Clinton

    Thank you for the kind remarks on the site. Almost all the credit goes to Dalrymple, of course, and not to us. Very happy to have you here.

    I wish I could claim to follow British politics closely, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. After work, family commitments, this blog, and rare and sanity-preserving personal entertainment and recreational pursuits, there remains a miniscule amount of time for following my favorite American news outlets (the Drudge Report and National Review Online). Via those sources and my Dalrymple reading, I stumble onto the major currents of British news. It’s a big world. Even the ability to provide the most basic description of, say, Nick Clegg requires a voracious curiosity about world affairs for someone outside Britain, which I possess. But I had never heard of the EDL until Tuesday, and was honestly curious as to whether they represent the beginnings of British salvation or street thuggery, because I admire and am concerned about the nation that gave birth to the modern world.

  14. Gavin


    While I am not a fan of the EDL I cannot help noticing that you seem happy to throw around insults like “bigoted nutcase” without any explanation, and along with this you make several other assumptions.

    I shouldn’t think “Tommy Robinson” cares who knows about his criminal convictions and while he does not appear to be an intellectual I doubt he is so stupid as to not know they could easily be brought to light even if he uses an alias. His alias could equally be being used as a small attempt at anonymity for his own safety and even an attempt at increased “Englishness”. On the former point you will be aware that Kevin Carroll of the EDL recently reported having a shotgun levelled at him by Muslim antagonists. His speech is here:

    Also it seems to me you are rather discourteous to the maintainers of this site when they make a genuine request for information before they judge. Some, like myself, have been in among the EDL, many have not (it’s difficult to do when you are in Texas). The newspapers each have their own bias, as you surely know (not to even mention the BBC). It is only prudent to request information before judging.

    Also, I am in America at the moment. It is a massive country, with great variety across it. I think it is admirable that the maintainers of this site take an interest in the decay of England when they could easily occupy themselves domestic politics alone.

    I’m sure the good work will keep up anyway.

  15. RT

    For one thing, the EDL is not completely against a multiethnic and multicultural society. They have black, Sikh and Hindu members, for example.

    Another point, which Americans might not realise, is that they are specifically English. That is; they are English nationalists, who advocate the break-up of the UK. There are various reasons for this, but one is that Scottish nationalists have recently made a habit of hectoring the English about their supposed ethnic intolerance, yet Scotland has far fewer ethnic minorities than England (although, in truth, Muslim violence has recently become in Pollockshields, Glasgow, so that criticism might stop before long).

    I myself have toyed with the idea of joining the EDL demos. As a fairly liberal and middle-class character, there are things that put me off (I hate soccer, for a start). However, I wouldn’t take Dalrymple too seriously in his characterisation of them as thuggish. Although there is much that is good and wise in Dalrymple’s writing, he clearly doesn’t like manual workers. He lives in France, speaks posh, prefers wine to beer, and is a second-generation-immigrant Jewish intellectual; if he were American, he would be exactly the type of person that many commenters here would deride as an effete coastal-elite intellectual.

  16. Jonathan Levy

    I wonder if perhaps there genuinely are two faces to the EDL; a sort of Jekyl-and-Hyde syndrome:

    On the one hand, articulate intellectuals who genuinely care about what is happening in England, and are angered at the unwillingness of the political parties to deal with the problem; these are the ones who write the mission statements, and defend the EDL on blogs like Gates of Vienna.

    On the other hand, there are the thugs who come to the protests, many of them perhaps violent, xenophobic, antisemitic bigots. They like to riot, brawl, and perhaps do a bit of looting at the expense of foreigners.

    The intellectual side doesn’t like to think too much about the thugs its cause attracts, and resents being described in those terms.

    This is, of course, pure speculation on my part – it would be very interesting to hear from someone with genuine knowledge, who could either confirm or deny it.

  17. Gavin

    I think the first thing to note about the EDL is that (as far as I can tell) it doesn’t have any formal membership. Someone can just buy their apparrel if they wish and turn up at a protest. (Incidentally I expect they are now making some decent money out of the apparrel line, though I do not think their prime motive is commercial.)

    So it is loosely organised group. I doubt “members” are vetted thoroughly, therefore a whole variety of people can attend rallies and call themselves EDL.

    I would think you are right that many are thugs, because thugs and anarchists are always happy to jump on bandwagons and cause trouble, loot, etc. There are also those who have no desire to work and for whom Islam is a great scapegoat when their predicament is largely of their own making. I would not be surprised if these form a majority of the EDL. This is why I think the author on Gates of Vienna presented a somewhat naive analysis when he said:

    “Yes, they’re sometimes a rough sort — they are working-class, after all. And they have their share of problems — no one in our degraded postmodern world can avoid such difficulties — but EDL members are startling in their open and cheerful determination to escape the hell to which fifty years of politically correct socialist Multiculturalism has consigned them.”

    He does not seem as acquainted with British thugs as he says he is.

    Then there is the need for equality in law, the banning of halal, reigning in of political correctness, calling Islam for what it is – these are real needs and in these things I agree with that author. I would be quite interested to hear Pat Condell’s view of the EDL – perhaps he will do a video soon – because I largely share his position (though Dalrymple has persuaded me that there may be more utilitiy to religion than Pat accepts).

    I haven’t seen any real intellectuals speak on behalf of the EDL. Most seem put off by the outward thuggishness (although granted their mission statement is pretty well written: I’m not sure I would count as an intellectual, but I am put of the for this reason. I lay the blame for them though at the door of the left wing intellectuals whose policies have created the Britain of today.

  18. Gavin

    Just as a further note, in anticipation of reaction to what I have said above – possibly by a Gates of Vienna person – I suppose some would say it is time to decide whose side we are on. “It’s got to that point.” They’d say we can’t afford to sit on the fence re. the EDL as they’re the only hope for the UK (this does seem to be what that author says). I don’t know if he lives in England but it would seem not.

    I don’t think it has got to that point yet and there are other legitimate political avenues through which thinking people can protest against political correctness (eg the English Democrats and UKIP). I voted UKIP at the last election because I could not be sure whether Mr Cameron would do anything about these issues (now he’s making a few sounds but still no policies).

    I think the EDL help, in a sense, in that they highlight the problems and may push people towards legitimate parties who would deal with them, but that doesn’t mean I like them. I wonder what Dalrymple would think of all this. Perhaps he will elaborate in the future.

  19. Clinton

    Jonathan, this seems very likely to me. Every large movement, of course, will contain a variety of different types. It seems likely to me that many in the EDL are peaceful people sincerely concerned with the very real threat of Islamist extremism, while some are violent types. It’s always difficult to know the breakdown among these types, of course.

  20. Clinton

    It’s unfair to say Dalrymple doesn’t like manual workers, and even if it were true, you couldn’t prove it by pointing out that he likes to drink wine, speaks properly, and lives in France. He clearly has an affinity for very poor Africans. He defends the instruction of children in the proper use of language as a means of enabling the poor to rise to higher socioeconomic levels, which obviously he thinks is desirable. And why does everyone think the French are all refined members of the upper class? He only lives there part of the year anyway.

  21. Jackson

    Whatever the case, if important issues are ignored and allowed to fester they will, sooner or later, come to a head. The EDL would appear to have a rather ugly head, let’s hope some political capacity can channel and resolve the worst of their defect.

  22. Jay C

    He has nothing against manual workers or the poor in anything I have read (and I have read most of Dalrymple.) It is the violent, amoral, irresponsible, voluntarily dependent, immoderate, bad-mannered people of all classes that he disapproves of.

    He is a refined and sophisticated intellectual; why is this a problem, unless you are a cultural Marxist who believes that high standards of education and culture should be banned as sheer snobbery? The high registers of English are not “posh”, they are simply more nuanced, beautiful and expressive of complex meaning than simple language. If dumbing-down was abandoned in state schools social mobility would actually increase as poor students would have comparable levels of education; it is unreasonable to set quotas on Oxbridge picking independent students when their ability to express themselves is so much better as a result of traditional explicit pedagogy combined with an emphasis on civilised behaviour.

    And I have never read of him saying wine is superior to beer. What’s your source for this? That his wife is a Nectar de Vigne member?

  23. John

    I have a Rule of Thumb about advocacy groups. If the advocacy involves standing outdoors, holding signs, and chanting slogans in unison in pursuit of attention, they are not worth my time or money. All kinds of needless confrontations can be avoided, regardless of how noble a cause is, simply by conducting debate in written or otherwise other formal means.

    This rules out my participation in non-leftist forms of “public protest” such as Tea Party demonstrations, regardless of how much I agree with their goals of less intrusive government.

    I would be very surprised to see Dr. Dalrymple engaging in any such form of “protest.” The most striking and genuine aspect of the original civil rights marches in the 1950s and early 60s was how well-dressed and civil all the participants were. Nothing like the adolescent mass tantrums we see today.

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