6 thoughts on “Discrimination is the Essence of Insurance

  1. JimmyGiro

    I would agree with the good Doctor if there were freedom to choose, since then it would be a contract between any individual and the insurance broker; but since it is a prerequisite in UK law to have car insurance, then special dispensations would be discriminatory, owing to the synthetic legal conditions.

    The losers might be the insurance brokers, they are always free to stop trading; but I imagine they will make any loses disappear amongst universal price hikes.

    And women shouldn’t be so aggrieved; they do well out of the NHS, since they use 80% of its resources; plus the BBC seems to be geared towards women, despite gender equal licence fees.

  2. Clare

    Where do you get the figure of 80% from? The most expensive period is generally the final year of life and I’m pretty sure both men and women die.

  3. Jackson

    I wonder if there’s any way to test who women find more attractive; aggressive (bad) drivers or sensible (good) drivers.


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