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  1. attenerie

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    The fortunes of Amos Lincoln would begin to change on October 21, 1966 at New York’s famous Garden when he dropped a ten round duke to Johnny Persol. Amos came back with two quick wins but then he was again taken out again by Jimmy Fletcher. Amos was then brought over to Germany where he was stopped by Karl Mildenberger. Lincoln had now fallen dramatically in the ratings. He continued to tumble as Thad Spencer was finally able to beat Amos. ” Big Train ” finally got back in the win column with a points call over rugged Joey Orbillo in Los Angeles. Amos returned to Los Angeles to meet Buster Mathis who was on the comeback trail after a loss to ” Smokin ” Joe Frazier. In a bout the featured some odd scorecards, Mathis was awarded a split decision. One judge had it 11-0 for Buster. Another had it 9-1 for Mathis. The third judge had it 5-4 for Amos. Go figure…
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    Toyota, for instance, estimated that each one-yen gain that Japan’s currency makes against the dollar tears about 30 billion yen from the company’s earnings, according to Bloomberg News.

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  2. meagnotamoole

    I hear some of our sea-Yahoos find fault with my sea-language, as not proper in many parts, nor now in use. I cannot help it. In my first voyages, while I was young, I was instructed by the oldest mariners, and learned to speak as they did. But I have since found that the sea-Yahoos are apt, like the land ones, to become new-fangled in their words, which the latter change every year, insomuch as I remember upon each return to my own country their old dialect was so altered that I could hardly understand the new. And I observe, when any Yahoo comes from London out of curiosity visit me at my own house, we neither of us are able to deliver our conceptions in a manner intelligible to the other.

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