Fool or Physician available in e-book form

Word comes to us from Monday Books publisher Dan Collins that the second of Dalrymple’s 21 books, Fool or Physician: The Memoirs of a Sceptical Doctor, is now available as an e-book. It can be downloaded from Amazon to just about any e-reader.

US readers may buy it here
UK readers may buy it here.
It will soon be available on iBooks as well, along with the rest of Dalrymple’s works. The hard copy will be available in about three months, and this is one you will most definitely want to add to your library.
We have excerpted three engaging portions of it before, and I defy you to read them and not want to buy the book. Here are all the reasons people read Dalrymple – the touching and provocative experiences, the colorful and adventurous biography, and the great wisdom they have conspired to produce. It was largely this book that convinced us to create this blog, and upon reading it I believe you will see why. Until now the original versions have been selling online for several hundred dollars each, so take advantage.

24 thoughts on “Fool or Physician available in e-book form

  1. Jackson K. Eskew

    Hello, I’ve recently referred several people to this site. To clear up any confusion they might experience, perhaps it should be made in the description that what’s called his “second book” here was actually written long ago, and has since been followed by others.


  2. Clinton

    Jackson, thank you so much for the referrals and your (always smart) comments. The site’s readership continues to grow beyond our expectations, the credit for which goes to Dalrymple of course.

  3. Nikeabaclebed

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  4. soin

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