Scarborough unfair

Dalrymple has written a new article for the Spectator, and it has garnered a lot of attention for its criticisms of Scarborough, whose impoverishment he says is “characteristic of a high proportion of the country”. He criticizes the destruction of the Victorian architecture in the town as well as “the short-term commercialism of the kind that a truly commercial nation would not display, combined with the total indifference to aesthetic considerations that years of non-discrimination have made second nature among us.”

His article prompted lots of (mostly very negative) comments on the Spectator’s website and a couple of articles (here and here) from the local paper in defense of the town.

Hat Tip: Michael P.

9 thoughts on “Scarborough unfair

  1. David

    There’s another Dalrymple piece in the Spectator: this time on the subject of Pippa Middleton’s derriere.

  2. Jaxon

    Well, this has caused a bit of a stir… seems that if Dalrymple says thing that are absurd or apparently easily refuted then people will be ‘bold’ enough to challenge him, otherwise they tend to give him a wide birth. So perhaps drawing people like this is actually quite effective… watch this space, interested to see how he responds to Slutwalk

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  4. Jaxon

    I hope he discusses how people treat supermarket baskets like trash cans… Scoundrels!! Have some respect! It may seem trivial but it REALLY pi**es me off. (like bad language)

    Its probably most often children.. I don’t think I’d be a particularly good parent but if my child did that, I’d like to think I could say “exuse me, what do you think you’re doing?”
    And that would be the end of it, if that failed they’d get a very stern look, “How dare you leave your litter in the basket… [and for everybody’s benefit]I know other people do it… but they are very naughty!”

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