The Rape of Innocence

This month’s New English Review essay discusses the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case in light of new developments, wherein the prosecution has concluded that the maid has been lying about at least some aspects of the incident and has been involved with some very unsavory characters. One of the main points Dalrymple makes is that feminists had no compunction protesting against DSK, but it is inconceivable that anyone will protest against the “large numbers of bogus and criminally-connected asylum-seekers from many Third World countries” — in other words, people like the maid. Yes, it is true that protests against asylum-seekers might be attributable to xenophobia, but “[h]atred of the powerful, supposedly because of love of justice… appeals to the same baseness, and calls for the same low, primitive and visceral reactions, as hatred of foreigners and immigrants.”
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Update: Perhaps President Obama and the Democrats should keep that last point in mind as they launch a new round of ridiculous class-warfare rhetoric against rich Americans in a clear attempt to gain sympathy from voters.

12 thoughts on “The Rape of Innocence

  1. Henry Reardon

    An excellent article aside from a rather unfortunate and illogical capitalized passage in the last sentence of this excerpt:

    This rather overlooks the fact that an equal injustice is not the same as equal justice, any more than cruelty towards all is a form of kindness. Even to call it the perp walk is an injustice, since those who take it are, in the eyes of the law, still innocent men. It might well be true – let us hope, at any rate, that it is true – that the great majority of those arrested by the police and accused by the prosecutor are in fact perpetrators, and guilty of the crimes they are charged with; but still NO ONE IS TO BE PRESUMED GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, and therefore the perp walk is an offence against justice.

    I’ve read this several times and can’t make sense of it.

    I only wish I knew how to notify Dalrymple (Daniels) so that he could amend it himself. All I can do is mention it here and hope that he comes across this or that someone who does see my remarks can pass them on to him. I’m not holding my breath on either eventuality transpiring.

  2. Jeff

    It is simply an inversion of the common expression, “presumed innocent until proven guilty”. He means, of course, that the presumption should be innocence not guilt; further, that guilt should be proven not innocence. In what sense is it illogical? Or in anyway confusing?

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