Dalrymple Speaks on the Euro Crisis

We’ve been waiting until the audio from Dalrymple’s speech in New York last week was made available before posting about the event, and the good folks at the New Criterion have graciously come through (see below). Dalrymple stood on a balcony overlooking a large and slightly gothic living room in a private residence in Manhattan and spoke for about 15 minutes on the problems of Europe and then took a few questions from the audience. Among other observations, he questioned the ostensible purpose of the European Union and criticized its anti-democratic nature.

We were told there were at least two (and possibly more) Skeptical Doctor readers who joined the Friends of the New Criterion specifically for this event, and Clint and I enjoyed speaking with at least one of them: a smart, polite and good-natured Manhattanite named Adam.

Left to Right: Clinton, Dr. Anthony Daniels aka Theodore Dalrymple, Skeptical Doctor reader Adam, Steve’s wife, Steve. (Let the record show that Steve is standing on a lower step.)

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