Monday Books to republish all Anthony Daniels books

Monday Books has made the following announcement on its blog:

Finally, we’ve just agreed with Theodore Dalrymple that we will republish all of his old work, written as Anthony Daniels, in eBook format. This includes classics such as Monrovia Mon Amour, Zanzibar to Timbuktu and The Wilder Shores of Marx: Journeys in a Vanishing World.

There follows an excerpt from Monrovia, Mon Amour of his visit to the murderous dictator Brigadier General Field Marshall Prince Y. Johnson.

7 thoughts on “Monday Books to republish all Anthony Daniels books

  1. Monday Books

    Steve, Clinton

    Thanks as ever for your support.

    Rachel, the books will be available (earlyish next year) to read in all Amazon and iBooks territories.


    Dan Collins, Monday Books

  2. Flossie

    That’s nice, but Our Theodore’s early books — the ones fashioned of paper and ink — will continue to command premium prices. eBooks just can’t hold a candle to the real deal.

  3. Dan Collins

    I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read and don’t possess that, Steve. However, Tony and I have agreed that we’ll republish the lot so I assume so.

    Flossie – you’re right, and I prefer paper books, too. However, it’s economically impossible to republish some old books in paper form, so eBooks allow us to do it at a reasonable price and reach a wide audience.

    Most of them are available second hand, but can cost £50 or more; as eBooks they’ll be a couple of pounds/dollars.

    If – when – TD ever becomes as widely known and read as he should be, of course we’ll then produce them as books, too.


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