Revelry and Mayhem

A short piece in City Journal:

…it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between the sound of young British people enjoying themselves and the sound of young British people committing murder in the street. I do not exaggerate. Twice in recent years I have heard the “normal” sound of drunken revelry outside in the early hours of the morning, only to discover later that it was the sound of someone being stabbed or beaten.

2 thoughts on “Revelry and Mayhem

  1. Louise

    Dalrymple is fortunate – when he starts to have auditory hallucinations, he knows exactly where to go.

    OTOH medical students have a reputation for drunken debauchery so maybe that’s what he was hearing.

  2. Terry Wall

    Agreed. It appears as the the moderating influence of intelligence dissipates, the sound of fury and happiness merge. Soon to just as it was in the beginning. A series of grunts and squeals.

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