Can Children Be Manipulated into Eating Their Veggies?

Dalrymple considers unnecessary a study undertaken by researchers in Minnesota on how to get children to eat their vegetables:
All flesh used to be grass, but nowadays quite a lot of it is fast food. Although the rate of obesity among American children did not increase between the years 2007-8 and 2009-10, according to a survey recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it is still alarmingly high at one in six. American children do not any more go to school hungry: they go to school fat.
Can anything be done about it and, if so, whose responsibility is it to do it? The U.S. government believes that children do not eat enough vegetables; it might very well be right, of course, but I suspect that the founding fathers might have been surprised that it had any opinions on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Can Children Be Manipulated into Eating Their Veggies?

  1. Derk Boonstra

    getting fat or not has nothing to do with what you eat, only with how much of that you eat. Healthy food too contains kilocalories.


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